Jones back in lineup day after procedure

Jones back in lineup day after procedure

LOS ANGELES -- Garrett Jones returned to the Pirates' lineup on Sunday, one day after undergoing a medical procedure to dislodge a piece of meat that was stuck in his esophagus.

Jones checked himself into White Memorial Medical Center on Saturday after a piece of beef he ate at Dodger Stadium after Friday's 6-2 loss got stuck where the esophagus meets the stomach. Jones said he had a similar problem in the past, though this was the first time that Jones couldn't force the food up or down his throat. He spent Friday night unable to even hold liquids down.

Doctors administered anesthesia to Jones on Saturday afternoon, and while Jones was asleep, they went down his throat with some tubes to dislodge the food. Jones remained in the hospital for a few hours after the 30-minute procedure before he rejoined his teammates at Dodger Stadium just before the start of Saturday night's game.

"It was just a freak thing," Jones said. "It's happened before, but never this severe. I knew something was stuck in there and wasn't coming out. Anything I ate or drank, I would just throw up."

Jones dealt with a sore throat on Sunday, but said he was otherwise fine.

"Right now, I just have to eat some soft foods and chew the tough foods really well," he said. "I need to take smaller bites."