Jakubauskas with team, in good spirits

Jakubauskas with team, in good spirits

MILWAUKEE -- Two days after being hit in the back of the head with a line drive, right-hander Chris Jakubauskas remains both in good spirits and in good health.

Jakubauskas, who suffered both a concussion and head contusion after suffering the shot off Lance Berkman's bat in the Pirates' loss to the Astros, said he continues to deal with periodic grogginess and headaches, though both are less frequent than they were initially. He reported no ill effects after making the flight from Houston to Milwaukee, and he was scheduled to undergo some additional memory tests at Miller Park on Monday.

Jakubauskas' biggest complaint right now stems from his inability to sleep through the night. Because he suffered a concussion, Jakubauskas has to be woken up every few hours to answer certain questions. He'll have to go through the routine for at least one more night.

"The hardest thing right now is not being able to get enough sleep," Jakubauskas said. "I would love to just be able to sleep for eight hours straight."

Jakubauskas, who has been placed on the 15-day disabled list, will remain with the club through the rest of its 10-day road trip.