Crosby's shoulder no longer a problem

Crosby's shoulder no longer a problem

HOUSTON -- Bobby Crosby wasn't in Friday's starting lineup, but he was available to play as his left shoulder is no longer a problem. He made his last start at third base Sunday and has been out of the starting lineup the past four games due to inflammation in the left shoulder.

"There was a little soreness the past few days, but I'm ready to go," said Crosby. "It got banged up. I just needed a few days' rest.

"[Friday] is the first day I'm ready. I can do everything I normally do for the team."

There's a strong possibility Crosby will start on Saturday. Crosby has made three starts this season, one each at third, first and shortstop.

Crosby initially injured the shoulder diving for a ball at San Francisco, and in the same game the condition of the shoulder worsened when he made an awkward jump at a ball.