Bucs' Mercer revels in Mercer's NCAA tourney upset

Bucs' Mercer revels in Mercer's NCAA tourney upset

TAMPA, Fla. -- "Where's Mercer?!" the cry went up in the middle of the Pirates' McKechnie Field clubhouse on Friday afternoon.

"He's right over there," a helpful sort said, pointing to Jordy Mercer's locker, unaware that the query had come from someone fixated on the big-screen television on the wall showing Mercer University's matchup with Duke in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

To pinpoint the base of the Mercer Bears, all a guy would've had to do was ask the namesake shortstop.

"In Georgia," Mercer said enthusiastically. "Years ago, my parents ordered T-shirts and sweatshirts from Mercer, as presents for me."

Everybody loves underdogs, even Major League baseball players. As Mercer's stunning upset unfolded, a growing throng of Pirates crowded in front of the television, whooping and hollering their support.

And when the Bears assumed late command of the game, shouts of "The Fighting Jordys!" bounced off all four walls of the clubhouse as the Bucs' own Jordy raised his arms in mock triumph.

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