Pirates focused strictly on business

Pirates focused strictly on business

MILWAUKEE -- While Brewers slugger Ryan Braun was still fuming over being hit by a pitch in Monday's series opener, Bucs manager John Russell has already moved on.

Braun was drilled right between the shoulder blades on the very first pitch of his second at-bat by Pirates right-hander Jeff Karstens after hitting a long home run in the first inning. Braun felt the Bucs went out of their way to send a message.

"Yesterday is over in our minds," Russell said. "If [the Brewers] do something, it's up to them. We're going to approach this game just like any other game. We'll go out and do our jobs just like we have all year."

Russell said his pitchers need to pitch inside to be effective, especially against Milwaukee's No. 3 and No. 4 hitters of Braun and Prince Fielder.

"It looked bad because [Braun] hit a home run [in his first at-bat]," Russell said. "We have to pitch to both sides of the plate."

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