Burnett focused on strikes, not walks

BRADENTON, Fla. -- A.J. Burnett's second start of the spring was mostly spoiled by consecutive walks with the bases loaded. However, the Pirates' Opening Day starter was more concerned with strike one than with ball four.

"I'm more upset with strike one," Burnett said after having faced 11 men and delivered an opening strike to only seven of them to begin the Bucs' 5-0 loss to the Phillies. "Walks, I can deal with that."

That includes those to Humberto Quintero and Ben Revere that forced in runs during Philadelphia's four-run second inning -- helping reset Burnett's record at 0-2 and his ERA at 13.50.

"You want good results, so I'm not happy with it," said Burnett, who began involving his curveball in his repertoire, but on a very limited basis. "I've done this long enough to know it's Spring Training. I felt like I was supposed to feel. At the same time, you want to do well."

That he hadn't -- cause for worry?

Burnett smirked and came right back with, "I'm worried about April 1," Opening Day.