Hurdle goes over errors with Bucs on video

Hurdle goes over errors with Bucs on video

PITTSBURGH -- When you commit a violation on the road, chances are you will wind up in traffic school. Accordingly, the Pirates fielders who committed multiple violations on the field Friday night had to attend manager Clint Hurdle's train-wreck school.

Classes followed a similar curriculum: You had to sit through video demonstrations of the right and wrong way to handle moving objects, in this case baseballs.

"I show them good stuff, as well as stuff that didn't work out so well. It's as effective a way of coaching people up as any," said Hurdle, who made clear the video sessions were hardly a type of punishment.

"By showing them the plays, they're able to watch it from a different vantage point. More often than not, we didn't keep moving through balls like we should've," the manager explained. "Let's not stick our head in the sand. 'Here's what happened, and here's how we want you to handle it next time.'"

The "students" included second baseman Brock Holt (two fielding errors), shortstop Josh Harrison (one fielding error), catcher Rod Barajas and first baseman Gaby Sanchez (a throwing error each). Left fielder Starling Marte got his own class after rushing himself into a throwing error and also having a fielding error, both in the third inning.

"One time, he panicked," Hurdle said of Marte's first error, on which he first bobbled then wildly heaved the ball on Alfonso Soriano's single. "He grabbed it and just fired it in. We need to slow down our heartbeat on that."