Bucs shuffle rotation, bump Burnett up to Thursday

Bucs shuffle rotation, bump Burnett up to Thursday

Bucs shuffle rotation, bump Burnett up to Thursday
PITTSBURGH -- In the Pirates' current lineup of starting pitchers, everyone is getting an extra fifth day of rest -- and James McDonald will get two extra days -- except for one. The exception is A.J. Burnett, who, in an adjusted rotation, will face the Dodgers in Thursday's finale of the four-game set.

Burnett's most recent start came against the Padres on Saturday, when he dropped a 5-0 decision, his first home loss of the season. With Kevin Correia making another "spot" start Tuesday, the other starters are again getting an additional day of rest.

Manager Clint Hurdle and pitching coach Ray Searage decided to leapfrog McDonald, who had been preceding Burnett, to following him, putting him in line to start Friday's opener of a weekend series in St. Louis.

The juggle ...

• Keeps Burnett on a five-day schedule, for which he'd voiced a preference.

• Gives Burnett an additional start at PNC Park, where he has won seven of eight decisions with an ERA more two runs lower than on the road (2.33 vs. 4.43).

• Allows McDonald additional side-work time to figure out the glitches behind his 8.71 ERA since the All-Star break.

"We tried to figure out how our staff ace is best served," said Hurdle, referring to Burnett, "and adjust accordingly. Keeping the staff ace in a good place was at the top of the list [of considerations, but this] gives J-Mac an opportunity for another side session. The game in St. Louis will be a big game as well."

Hurdle wouldn't commit to any long-range plans for Correia, who came back out of the bullpen to win his seventh straight decision last Wednesday.

"We're evaluating everything day to day, start to start," Hurdle said.

The Bucs would no longer need a six-man rotation when the current gauntlet of 20 consecutive playing dates ends on Aug. 22. The implication is either McDonald or Correia would be removed, depending on merit.