Alvarez proving to be ultimate afternoon slugger

Alvarez proving to be ultimate afternoon slugger

PITTSBURGH -- Even though the Pirates play the majority of their games at night, Pedro Alvarez has managed to hit two-thirds of his home runs in the daytime.

Of Alvarez's 21 dingers, 14 of them have come in day games. He's been such a prodigious slugger in the afternoon that some fans have taken to calling him DayDro.

"He gets up earlier. That's what he said. That's what I'm going with," manager Clint Hurdle said. "No, again, we love to nail things down, the 'why.' Sometimes, there is no 'why.' It's just the way it's happening."

Despite having 103 fewer at-bats during day games, Alvarez has managed to drive in 32 of his 58 runs when the sun is still up. He's batting .313 in such games this season.

"I'm glad we still play in day games," Hurdle said. "We've got a number of them still on the schedule."