Hurdle: McCutchen's hot streak among best he's seen

Hurdle: McCutchen's hot streak among best he's seen

DENVER -- Clint Hurdle has been eyewitness to a lot of memorable hot streaks with the bat, as you would expect of a former teammate of George Brett, a former manager in Coors Field and a former batting coach in Texas. Hurdle has seen it all, but he has never seen this.

The Pirates' skipper said Andrew McCutchen's ongoing stretch "might be the best I've ever seen."

The National League Player of the Month for June and its two-time Player of the Week shows no signs of slowing down. Hurdle called McCutchen's numbers against left-handed pitching -- .470 average and .505 on-base percentage -- "crazy." If that's nuts, what about his last month against everything: .481 average and .521 on-base in 26 games since June 16?

"And it's not even only about the numbers. I'm watching this young man perform and taking into consideration the cast of characters, the lineup involved, and I'm thinking, 'Wow, this is special.' And he just keeps rolling," said Hurdle, who is not easy to impress.

In 1980, Hurdle watched Brett hit .484 across a 45-game midseason stretch.

In 1997, he watched the Rockies' Larry Walker hit .414 and slug .775 through June.

In June 2010, he watched Josh Hamilton collect 49 hits in 26 games and hit .454.

"And this still very well could be the best," Hurdle reiterated. "This is a very special time and place in the game for him. Andrew is enjoying this ride, however long it's going to be."