Hurdle praises McKenry for keeping it simple

Hurdle praises McKenry for keeping it simple

PHILADELPHIA -- Clint Hurdle understands that in today's culture, the more information, the better. At the same time, the veteran Pirates manager thinks that at times, the availability of stats, techniques, etc., can cause an overload in a player's mind.

"I don't see players today taking the time to get to know themselves," Hurdle said. "They'll grab at anything if they think it will help them. More often than not, it's information, because that's the generation that's grown up. They are not capable of processing everything."

Hurdle has been thrilled with the recent production of backup catcher Michael McKenry, who is 7-for-11 with a double, two home runs and six RBIs in his last three games.

"Michael talks about keeping it simple," Hurdle said. "Michael has been saying that for a year and a half, since I knew him in Colorado.

"It's finding that one thing that does click that matters. I think in this industry and in all sports, what we continue to do is make excuses for players. You know what, this is the life they've chosen. This is the job and profession they've chosen, and they need to figure things out along the way. Really, they need to trust themselves, and that's the hard part. I spent a winter working with Michael on his swing, and again, sometimes it just clicks."