Bucs putting Baltimore series behind them

Bucs putting Baltimore series behind them

CLEVELAND -- While Cleveland may not be the most exciting travel destination, the Pirates are excited to be there, simply because it has to be more welcoming than their previous stop on this road trip.

It is everybody's hope that at the end of the season, the 0-3 and 13-27 (runs scored) stay in Baltimore will be recalled as its low point. In just three days, the Orioles doubled the Bucs' season run differential.

"New game, new series," declared manager Clint Hurdle. "We did not play better than the Baltimore Orioles in any of the three games, so it was time to go. Move on."

Hurdle was quick to cite the offending trifecta -- pitching, hitting, defense -- but clearly the biggest culprit in the Pirates' first three-game losing streak in two months was the pitching. Until Baltimore, merely managing 10 hits guaranteed success -- 13 out of 13 times to be exact. Against the Orioles, the Bucs lost twice while hitting double figures in hits.

"We look forward to getting this thing back in the right direction," Hurdle said. "We live for today. We take care of today. I don't think anybody out there [in the clubhouse] is carrying any baggage from Baltimore. That's not how we do things."

Merchants in Cleveland will be happy to hear that because, without any baggage, everyone in the Pirates' traveling party will have to shop for new wardrobes. In the manner of that old baseball saying, they'll be on the lookout for hitting clothes.