Hughes reflects on record-setting game

Hughes reflects on record-setting game

PITTSBURGH -- On April 25, Jared Hughes made history as MLB's first doubleheader supplemental 26th-man to appear in a game. Eight days later, he claimed one of the franchise-record 17 strikeouts the Bucs notched against the Cardinals.

Only one thing for the 26-year-old righty to say about that: "Wow. Two records in one week. Pretty neat."

Chatting Friday afternoon at PNC Park, Hughes wasn't even fully aware of the significance of 17.

"Did it tie the record?" asked Hughes. When set straight on the unprecedented feat, his eyes grew big.

Between the two historic appearances, Hughes had made his second trip of the season to Indianapolis, the Pirates' Triple-A club.

"I think I got a free flight coming by now," said the frequent flyer.