Alvarez hits BP homer into Dodgers parking lot

Alvarez hits BP homer into Dodgers parking lot

LOS ANGELES -- It was only batting practice, but Pedro Alvarez on Wednesday went boldly where few have gone officially.

Alvarez leaned into a batting-practice pitch and sent it over Don Drysdale's retired No. 53 logo, atop the roof of Dodger Stadium's right-field pavilion, and into the parking lot.

Only three men have ever hit home runs completely out of Dodger Stadium, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its opening: Willie Stargell, twice, and Mark McGwire and Mike Piazza, once each.

The Dodgers' media guide credits another right-handed batter with the feat, Matt Holliday, when he was with the Rockies. But some eyewitnesses dispute that, claiming Holliday's 2006 drive did not clear the stadium.

"That's just tangible evidence of Pedro's power," said Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle.