Pirates soak in Dodgers' historic home opener

Pirates soak in Dodgers' historic home opener

LOS ANGELES -- Two down, one to go for the Pirates, in Opening Day-speak. San Francisco remains in the Bucs' Opening Day trifecta, but it is doubtful AT&T Park can cook up anything to rival what the Dodgers staged Tuesday afternoon.

From listening enraptured as the Beach Boys delivered their signature "Surfer Girl," to watching dozens of white birds circle above the field and through the smoke of fireworks, the Bucs took in favors of the party they hoped to crash.

The production was appropriate. Not only were the Dodgers observing Opening Day '12, they also began a yearlong celebration of Dodger Stadium's 50th anniversary.

The Pirates played a significant role in the iconic ballpark's maiden 1962 season. The Dodgers opened their second homestand in their new house on April 27 against the Pirates. After Los Angeles took the first two behind Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, the Bucs came back to take the final two games of that four-game series for a split.

The Pirates will head to San Francisco later this week for the Giants' home opener, their third and final Opening Day.