West Coast has not been kind to Pirates

West Coast has not been kind to Pirates

West Coast has not been kind to Pirates
LOS ANGELES -- Rod Barajas has spent more than half of his career at two stops of the road trip the Pirates will begin Tuesday afternoon: In Arizona, and here with the Dodgers.

Now the Bucs' primary catcher, Barajas is about to get the proverbial lesson in how the other half lives. This West Coast swing -- the Pirates will also make a stop in San Francisco -- has not been kind to recent Pittsburgh teams.

As a member of the D-backs (1999-2003) and Dodgers (2010-11), Barajas wondered why East Coast teams, in general, have trouble playing on the Left Coast.

"They come from places where it's humid, and I've heard pitchers complain that their breaking ball just isn't as sharp in the dry air," Barajas said. "But it could be as simple as the time-zone change."

Ballplayers are veteran travelers and always try to adjust. Still, the first pitch for Wednesday night's game will be at 10:10 p.m. ET.

"And we'd always hear about teams getting in at weird times," Barajas said. "But we never felt that we had an unusual advantage over them or that our job would be easier."

Since 2006, the Pirates are 19-42 on the three stops of this trip. They have not won a series in Dodger Stadium since taking two of three on Sept. 19-21, 2006. In the last six years, the Bucs are 6-17 in Los Angeles, 8-11 in San Francisco and 5-14 in Phoenix.