Stamina rising, Bedard sees progress

Stamina rising, Bedard sees progress

TAMPA, Fla. -- Erik Bedard's preseason goal is to build his stamina up to 100 pitches, so the left-hander is two-thirds of the way there. He threw 68 pitches during the first 3 2/3 innings of Tuesday night's 10-3 loss to the Yankees and thus considered the outing a typical Spring Training building block.

"I threw all my pitches and got the count up," Bedard said. "Until you get to 100, it's hard to say how the spring is going. If I get to between 90 and 100, it'll be good."

Bedard was working on a 70-pitch limit and reached 68 when he walked Curtis Granderson with two outs in the fourth -- the left-hander's third walk of the game. He also struck out three and allowed five hits and four runs -- two of them scoring after he'd departed.

With every outing, Bedard works on something specific to prepare for the opening bell. If pitching out of the stretch was on Tuesday's to-do list, the lefty got in plenty of work. He faced 19 men, 13 of whom batted with someone on base.

"I also have to work on my hitting," said Bedard, a lifelong American Leaguer who struck out looking against Michael Pineda in the second. "That was a dot. I barely saw it. Threw it right on the corner."