PNC in Men's Fitness top 10 stadiums

PNC in Men's Fitness top 10 stadiums

ATLANTA -- In a list put together and released by Men's on Wednesday, PNC Park was recommended as one of the top 10 Major League Baseball stadiums to visit this season.

Of the 10 parks listed, only Nationals Park in Washington, which officially opened last Sunday, was built more recently than the Pirates' home. Like PNC Park, the Brewers' Miller Park, which was named among the top 10, opened in 2001.

The list also included the three oldest parks -- Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium -- still currently in use.

The article lauds design and location of PNC Park, noting how it celebrates the history of the city by incorporating the city's steel and having it overlook the rivers that made Pittsburgh an industrial center in years past.

Additionally, Men's points out the intricacies of the ballpark, including the 21-foot high wall in right field that is fittingly named the Roberto Clemente wall. Clemente wore No. 21 during his 18-year career with the Pirates. The article also lists the fact that the highest seat sits just 88 feet from the field as one of the park's notable features.

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