Hurdle sits Cedeno day after 'bad decision'

Hurdle sits Cedeno day after 'bad decision'

Hurdle sits Cedeno day after 'bad decision'
PITTSBURGH -- Pirates manager Clint Hurdle kept Ronny Cedeno out of the lineup on Wednesday and described his reasoning for doing so as "a manager's decision."

"I'll leave it at that," Hurdle added.

Though Hurdle did not explicitly say as much, it was evident that his decision had something to do with Cedeno's decision not to run out a ground ball in the ninth inning of Tuesday's loss. After entering the game as a seventh-inning pinch-runner, Cedeno hit a grounder down the third-base line that he seemed to think was foul.

Rather than running toward first, Cedeno stopped a few feet from home and looked at home plate umpire Alan Porter. In the meantime, Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval picked up the ball -- which Porter ruled fair -- and threw Cedeno out to end the inning.

Hurdle was asked on Wednesday if he knew why Cedeno didn't run out the grounder.

"No, I don't understand," said Hurdle, who opted to start Brandon Wood at short on Wednesday. "I talked to Ronny about it. He needs to run. All our players understand this. It's late in the game -- you have to run a ball out. Your job is to play. It's not to umpire. Ronny understands it. He made a bad decision."

This isn't the first time that a manager has sent a message to Cedeno by benching him. He spent time out of the lineup last June when then-manager John Russell became frustrated with Cedeno's inconsistencies and tendency to let his emotions affects his on-field play.