MRI on Beimel's elbow shows no acute injury

MRI on Beimel's elbow shows no acute injury

MRI on Beimel's elbow shows no acute injury
BRADENTON, Fla. -- The Pirates announced on Wednesday afternoon that MRI results on Joe Beimel's left elbow showed no acute injury, even though the left-hander said he didn't actually finish the exam.

Beimel explained that the positioning of his arm -- which he held above his head in order for it to slide into the MRI tube -- caused the arm to go numb after about 20 minutes. His attempts to get feeling back in the arm were unsuccessful, and so the exam ended prematurely.

"[The doctor] was telling me how I was going to get in there, and I didn't see how I was supposed to fit in there," Beimel said. "I can play Pac-Man on my cell phone, but I have to contort my body to get an MRI."

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Doctors told Beimel that because he moved his arm around so much, only one picture came out clear enough to read. That one image was enough, though, for doctors to confirm that the injury was not any more severe than initially anticipated.

Beimel will not undergo a second MRI and reported already feeling better on Wednesday, one day after he stopped throwing because of discomfort in the arm.

"My arm feels pretty good today," said Beimel, who first felt the soreness on Saturday. "If it was hurting the same, then it might be something to worry about. Today, I don't even feel it at all."

Beimel did not throw on Wednesday but planned to test his arm by playing catch on Thursday -- assuming that there were no new setbacks.

General manager Neal Huntington did not put a timeline on Beimel's return, saying in a statement that Beimel's activity level from this point on will be dictated by his symptoms.