Most of the swelling gone from Meek's wrist

Most of the swelling gone from Meek's wrist

CHICAGO -- Evan Meek still has some swelling on the area of his right hand that was struck by a line drive on Sunday. But the swelling continues to subside, leaving Meek convinced he won't be sidelined long.

Meek, who was hit on the back of his hand, near the knuckle of his pinkie, will undergo treatment for the next few days. The right-hander doesn't feel pain moving his fingers, but he still can only clench his fist about 75 percent of the way closed. That is, however, an improvement over Sunday night, when Meek couldn't close his hand at all.

"A lot of progress since then," Meek reported on Monday. "I'm waiting for the swelling to go down, and then to be able to grip the ball without having any pain. Hopefully it's going to be only a few days, and then I should be able to get back on the mound. It shouldn't be that long."

The Pirates have no plans to place Meek on the disabled list, as the team still has a seven-man bullpen without him. Pittsburgh can also bring relief reinforcement when rosters expand on Wednesday.

The Brewers' Ryan Braun, who was batting when Meek got hit, phoned Meek on Sunday evening to check on the reliever, and was relieved to hear that Meek hadn't suffered any broken bones in the incident. The two got to know each other before the All-Star Game, when Meek traveled with Braun and Milwaukee's other All-Stars on the private jet of Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio.

"I thought it hit him in the chest or the sternum," Braun said. "I just know he said that nothing's broken, which is definitely good news. You never want to see anyone get hurt like that."