Ohlendorf OK after being hit in head with liner

Ohlendorf OK after being hit in head with liner

DENVER -- Ross Ohlendorf exited Wednesday's start against the Rockies after being struck on the right side of the head by Troy Tulowitzki's line drive in the first. However, the right-hander is optimistic that the only playing time he'll miss came during the team's subsequent 6-2 win.

Ohlendorf has been diagnosed with a bad contusion and abrasion on the right side of the head. But after Wednesday's game, there was no immediate talk of placing Ohlendorf on the disabled list. Of course, he will have to be reevaluated over the next few days before any final determination is made.

"I think he got, obviously, very lucky," manager John Russell said. "It shook him a little bit. We'll have to reevaluate him through the night and [on Thursday]. We'll see how he's doing. Again, I think he's very fortunate."

Ohlendorf's next scheduled start would be at home on Monday, and for now, Ohlendorf is expecting to make it.

"That's certainly my hope and my plan," he said. "I don't know what's going to happen the next day or so."

A CT scan done on Ohlendorf at nearby Rose Hospital came back negative. Ohlendorf seemed to be aided by the fact that the liner didn't hit him squarely in the head. He described it as more of a deflection, evident by the fact that the ball ricocheted into right field after it struck.

The Pirates had already seen a similar situation play itself out this season. Starter Chris Jakubauskas was struck in the head by a Lance Berkman line drive in the first inning of an April 24 game in Houston and immediately left that game.

The difference, which was noted by several players on Wednesday, was that Jakubauskas was hit more directly. The right-hander was placed on the 15-day disabled list immediately after the occurrence and still has not come off the DL.

Having seen how a similar incident affected Jakubauskas, Ohlendorf realized how fortunate he was to be out of the hospital and able to celebrate the Pirates' 6-2 win with his teammates less just three hours after the scary moment.

"Considering I got hit in the head, I feel like I am really lucky with where it hit me," he said. "I feel fine. I guess I got lucky."