Russell praises former battery mate Moyer

Russell praises former battery mate Moyer

PITTSBURGH -- Pirates manager John Russell might know a little bit more about Friday's visiting pitcher than he does others.

That's because Russell caught three of left-hander Jamie Moyer's 10 starts in 1990, when the two played for the Rangers.

"It's fun. We were talking about it yesterday, because I was talking to Jamie in the field, and some guys asked me if I faced him," Russell said. "I actually caught him. It's kind of fun. He's a totally different guy than he was back then, so I'm not really going to give any scouting reports other than what we've seen in the past and what he's shown us on the scouting report. But he's pretty special. To do what he's doing, that's phenomenal."

The 47-year-old Moyer made his 625th career start Friday night for the Phillies. In three starts with Russell behind the plate, Moyer was 1-1, with the highlight being a complete game, three-hit win over the Blue Jays on Aug. 3, 1990, Moyer's 99th career start. It marked Moyer's only complete game of that season, and the seventh of his career at the time.

"He's phenomenal," Russell said of Moyer. "He's the epitome of work. He keeps himself obviously in great shape, is very limber and he's a technician on the mound. He knows what he's doing, he read swings, he's got a multitude of ways he can deliver the ball, as far as speed, movement. Again, I think he's a great technician of the game. Really does a good job of knowing what he wants to do. He's having a good year."